Thursday, May 10, 2012

Skin Battles.

Ever since the horrible onslaught of puberty, my skin has been a veritable warrior zone for all sorts of skin problems. Acne, scarring, you name it. Pair that with an OCD-like tendency to pick at my face when I'm nervous, bored, etc. you've got a recipe for disaster! I've tried pretty much every skincare program under the sun. ProActiv, Murad, AcneFree, the Philosophy system, etc. At one point I was doing completely natural products such as Herbalism by Lush and tomato and lemon juice masks. They all worked to a point....then the acne came back.


Out of reading many reviews I decided to look into buying a Clarisonic Mia.

The Clarisonic Mia is a sonic powered cleansing brush that is supposed to get your face the cleanest it will ever be- I mean this thing makes your face SQUEAKY clean. As alot of acne and blemishes are caused by clogged pores, this exfoliates and cleanses your face in a pristine fashion, reducing acne, clearing skin texture, etc.

Or so they say.

So after a significant monetary gain, I decided- why not?! I've tried everything else! The hundreds of glowing reviews on various make-up and shopping sites can't be wrong.

So I bought my Clarisonic at Ulta which comes with a mini cleanser and a charger. The Clarisonic is waterproof too which is great because you can use it in the shower!

After the first use, I could feel a significant difference in my skin ALREADY. I mean, to be completely honest with you- before this I was washing my face using my hands. Yes, exactly like in those cheesy cleanser commercials. I literally am that person that does that. Lather up soap in my hands, rub it on and splash it in a dramatic fashion over my face....well not THAT dramatically... ;) But that's pretty much how I did it. Obviously, that method is probably not the most effective for removing all the makeup and residue off my face, so no wonder why I suffered from frequent breakouts!

In case you are wondering, the cleanser that I use is just a generic Clearasil cream cleanser. It works really well with the Clarisonic and weirdly I don't really like the cleanser that comes with it as it seems pretty drying. Which, having such an oily face as mine is really saying something I think!

For the first few days my skin felt like it was really getting refined and clean and it seemed to be clearing up! But then in a few days I started breaking out pretty bad. After researching I see that this is what is called a "purging" period- when all the gunk trapped in your pores starts coming out and getting inflamed. I had alot of gunk in there (Gross, I know.) So naturally my skin was in freakout mode. However, it's been a couple weeks now, and I do have to say that my skin has leveled out.

One thing that I changed about my skincare routine though was I bought some Persa Gel- which is a 10% Benzoyl Peroxide treatment, to treat my acne. In addition I am using a witch hazel toner to really get everything deep clean. The Clarisonic is great because you can feel your pores really opening and it allows the medication/toner to really get down in there and do its job better. You can also feel your skin "sucking up" moisturizer. It's pretty crazy actually.

After this new regiment, I am definitely seeing a large difference so far! I have alot of bumps of deep set acne in my face, small little colorless bumps that are just annoying, predominately in my cheeks and on my forehead. Although now I have to say alot of them are going away or are greatly reducing in size and visibility which is awesome!

Here are some make-up free pictures for reference:
Pretty clear there! Excuse my eye- I didn't get all my eye makeup off so it looks like I have a mini black eye going on which I don't haha. 

My cheeks are a trouble zone usually- as you can see I have alot of mini scarring. I think they call this "ice-pick" scarring? I'm not sure. I'm going to look into some scar remedies. (If you know of any great ones, let me know, too!)

Forehead. I think you can see those mini bumps there- they used to be pretty pronounced but now not so bad!

In general I'm actually pretty pleased with my skin at the moment. I've still got a few blemishes that are kind of working its way out of my system, but overall I'm pleased with the results of my new regimen using the Clarisonic and Persa Gel.

I will update later on and let you know how it goes! I hear the Clarisonic over time really dramatically improves the look and texture of your skin so I will let you know how it goes.

By the way- celebrities recently have been tweeting pictures of their make-up free faces. The latest by 90210 star Annalynne McCord is quite eye-opening as it shows that she doesn't have the most perfect skin. It's actually pretty refreshing because sometimes in this industry it's easy to get caught up with being perfect all the time.

 And you know what? We are HUMAN. We are not MANNEQUINS. We're NOT perfect. And that's totally okay! And you have to stop taking everything so seriously.

I'm extremely self conscious about my skin but you know what? It's really not all that bad! And it's something alot of people deal with. Nobody should expect photo-shopped perfection 24/7. Its just not real.

If you have any great skincare tips let me know! Also be sure to follow me on Twitter if you aren't already!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What Makes You Happy?

So, I've been graduated for a year already.

First of all, WHERE did the time go?! It seemed like it was just last week when I was walking across that stage, ready to face the "Real world" and eager to get out of the somewhat rigid college lifestyle. No longer was I bound by the restrictions of classes! I was going to take over the world!

Or so I thought.

Don't get me wrong- I still fully intend on taking over the world (I'm not exactly sure what the implications of that are....yet....but basically all I'm saying is I want to do BIG things!) However one of the main things I've had to learn is that everything is not just going to come together at once, immediately. Success, however you want to define it, comes with an obligatory "hustlin'" period- one in which many difficulties are faced and lessons are learned. It's definitely not easy, and everyone's periods last different lengths of time- however, they are very much necessary, I think.

So as I approach my second post-graduation year, I had to evaluate myself and my career and the direction I was heading. While I have definitely explored so many new directions with my acting career as well as opened new doors with other skills that I have, I realized that I was feeling stagnant.

First of all, I'm at a job that is not the worst job ever, yet still doesn't really fulfill me creatively. Haven't been getting much work through my agent which is a little disappointing. Even modeling and make-up gigs have been pretty scarce here recently! And even though I've had some wonderful things and people come into my life, I still was feeling a little bummed and just restless. So needless to say, I had to do a little thinking.

What is it that makes me happy? The one thing that just makes me feel alive and like nothing in the world can go wrong?

Performing live theatre. The stage. Music. Lights. The audience.

There is absolutely nothing that thrills me quite as much as performing live theatre does!

So why have I been not necessarily focusing on it this past year?

Well, as soon as I graduated I was kind of overtaken with so many film opportunities that I decided to just run with it. And like I said, it was great to kind of broaden my experience and horizons in that way. However there comes a time when you have to really get back to the basics, really. I was a little discouraged by the ATL theatre scene initially, but now I'm at this point where I'm like.....wait. If OTHER people can do it- then I can too! I just gotta be savvy and get in with a good company. If it means doing some interning/admin work, then so be it.

It's interesting too because earlier in the year I was dead set on moving to L.A. eventually, pursuing film- but after my recent trip to NYC, I've decided that I just love the city so much and that it really feels like home to me. And interestingly enough, it's coinciding with my recent rekindling of theatre. So who knows what will happen.

Not knowing is half the adventure ;)

So recently, I've begun hardcore audition searching for theatres, and had an audition yesterday that went really well! I vibed with the directors and staff immediately and it was great to do a reading instead of just a 60 second monologue/song combo sort of thing. I felt like I was back in a comfortable place that I'd missed. So here's hoping things start turning around!

So now I ask you, what makes you happy? If there was anything that you could be doing that would make you happier than the things that are taking up your time right now WHY are you not pursuing it! Life is too short to waste on things that suck your soul. Start today and go after what you truly want to do. It may be a struggle at first, but in the end it will be so worth it! You are capable of ANYTHING!

Monday, April 23, 2012

International Beauty Show- Day 1!

Wow! So day 1 of the International Beauty Show is done, and boy, what a day it was!
This was my first time at this scale of a beauty convention, and let me tell you- when I say people pulled out all the stops, they SURE DID.

Although I don't think anyone pulled out the stops QUITE as much as our Fabulace booth- I mean, from the gorgeous costumes and gowns, to the silky-haired male scantily clad fitness models, to live performances from a new girl group called KoolChix. Here is a quick clip of one of their performances:

and of course, live hair demos of the product- a virtually invisible hair extension that is made with high-quality European virgin hair and even on a guy- I had a hard time finding it and detecting what was the real hair and what was fake! This hair is even super stylable- here is a quick snippet of the actual hair/fashion show portion:

Fabulace did a fantastic job of entertaining the crowds at the International Beauty Show, and of course there were LOTS of photo ops. 

Christina did a great job of interviewing the models, product owners, and various attendees of the conference as well.

Check out my quick behind-the scenes of all the craziness going on here:

It was also really great to see lots of positive reactions on Twitter from beauty insiders such as The Salon Guy, the main media correspondent for the event, who does alot of celeb interviews and covers red carpet events- he loved our show! (And thanks for the follow and kind words!)

Overall, the event was a veritable smorgasbord for a beauty lovin' gal like me. It was a special treat to be able to attend because it is not actually open to the general public- only stylists and beauty insiders are allowed, so I feel like I'm cheating a little bit ;)

There were also some great master classes/workshops going on, and while grabbing some coffee I actually  ran across Nick Arrojo- if you ever watch What Not to Wear on TLC- he is their resident hairstylist! So that was pretty neat to watch for sure.

And yes, of course I bought myself a few things as well, though it was extremely hard to resist the myriad of wonderful things that I ran across! You could seriously do some damage in this place. It's obvious alot of people come her specifically to spend money and get new products so for them it's great, but for me....well, let's just say I kept a close grip on my wallet. 

In conclusion, we really drew in some large crowds with our Fabulace booth and stage and people really seemed to be enjoying themselves which is really what it's all about! It's great to be on board with a company that is able to have so much fun with an event like this. While some things were unconventional- they were DEFINITELY unforgettable. Which in the end is the whole point- you want salon owners and people to remember you and remember how good the product is! Which, like I said before- these invisible lace hair extensions are actually darn fabulous. Before the end of it all, who knows- I might be coming back with some fabul(ace) long locks of my own ;)

Stay tuned for Day 2! :) Also, if you want a more constant feed of the action, please check out the Fabulace Facebook Fan page here, their actual website here, and also check out my tumblr and twitter as well.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nowadays it seems like everybody is looking to get longer, silkier, hair. The number of celebrities that use hair extensions is seemingly unlimited, and I mean, hey- super bombshell long hair just makes you feel confident right?
Although sometimes hair extensions can feel a bit....fake.

I mean, nobody wants to be that girl that is with a guy and he happens to run his fingers through your hair and then.... *RIP*... Oops.
 All I'm saying is I wouldn't expect that call the next day.

And then you get certain extensions, and you are stuck with the same color, or you feel like you have to be super careful with it.
Well, there is actually a company out there that has a brand new revolutionary technique that is an INVISIBLE lace extension (and even wigs!) that is impossible to detect in your hair that you can actually color and style as much as you want. 
They are called Fabulace, and they are showing off their new product here in NYC at the International Beauty Show, the largest beauty/hair/skin trade show in the world.

Here is a list of FAQs:

What is Virgin Indian Hair? 
100% virgin Indian hair is hair that has not been chemically treated. There are no permanent/semi-permanent colors, perms, or relaxes used to alter the color, texture or curl pattern of the hair. To prevent tangling, all the hairs are placed with the cuticles in the same direction. This can also be called cuticle hair.
  • Virgin Indian Hair comes in natural black and natural brown tones.
  • The hair can be colored with professional permanent, semi-permanent and cellophane coloring products.
  • This hair comes 10"- 28"; all in two inch increments (10", 12", 14" - 28", etc.)

The hair comes in bulk, various application types including bulk hair, which can be used for braiding and fusion. Machine wefts and hand-tied wefts are used for weaving. Hand-tied wefts lay much flatter and are more undetectable than machine wefts. Before hair is distributed to customers, it is inspected, shampooed and deep-conditioned. We ensure quality hair is delivered with every order. This hair can last 6 months to a year or longer with proper maintenance. A professional cosmetologist is recommended for proper care and styling of Virgin Indian hair. 

Can I color this hair?
Yes, this hair can be colored with professional permanent, semi-permanent and cellophane colors. Once the hair has been colored, it is no longer considered "Virgin" hair & so we don’t guarantee after the hair has been color-treated in any kind (See our Hair Care Guide for Maintenance Instructions.)

Can I order a sample of the hair?
Yes you can order samples of hair. We have Remy Style Rings, in which you can feel the hair texture and perform various test on the hair at leisure; Texture Rings, and Color Rings Available. (See Our Accessories section).

How much hair is needed?
A minimum of 8 ounces of hair is needed for a full weave depending on how full you'd like the finished style. A minimum of 8 ounces of hair is needed for braiding or fusion as well.

CHeck out for more info and how to order!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

It's the end of the setup day for Fabulace hair at the International Beauty Show in NYC! It was a long drive up here, but we survived- topping it all off with some delivered pizza from Lombardi's. (Yum!)

Below is our booth/stage setup! Check out our swagalicious (Yes, I used that word) photo wall/mini red carpet! Love it. Fabulace hair is going to be having a LIVE show that will be streaming on Ustream- so watch out for it! If you are at IBSNY, you definitely need to check it out. It's going to be lots of fun! We're booth 2203.

 Here's my official badge, another view of the convention center, and the view out the front door! Love this city.

Friday, April 20, 2012


In just a few hours I will be on my way to Manhattan for a very exciting venture- I'm going to be live-blogging in order to promote Fabulace hair at the International Beauty Show- the largest beauty convention in the world! What is Fabulace exactly? It is a seamless weave technique hair extensions company that is made out of 100% virgin Indian untreated hair.
As you can see, hair extensions are not just for women anymore- even men can benefit from the Fabulace hair extensions and bring out their inner Fabio ;)

If you are looking for celebrity style, Fabulace can provide you with high quality extensions at reasonable prices that can have you looking like you just walked off the runway. When it comes to extensions, you want something that's going to look natural and seamless. For a high-quality hair weave or extension, Fabulace is the way to go.

We've got a live show coming up in the next couple days- stay tuned on my blog as I give you the full scoop straight from the International Beauty Show in NYC! 

Friday, April 13, 2012

So you may be wondering- how's life in ole' Janineland? What exactly is this life of craziness that she speaks of?!

Here's what's up:
So as you may have read in my recent post I have a new job. It definitely has its ups...and of course its downsides as well. Overall, the experiences I have with this job are ones that I will no doubt take with me for the rest of my life. It's one of the most challenging and unique things I've ever had to do!

Just imagine- every single day driving anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour and a half depending on where to a random Kroger or Belk, oftentime in a small, country town. You arrive and set up the booth, going in the back of the store to do so when its the first time you have ever even been IN the store in general. Then making intercom announcements, doing shows- rinse and repeat. I've encountered SO many different types of people, and really learn how to interact with them. While at first I thought this was a very performance based "act-y" type job- it's really alot more about connecting with people and getting on their level. If that means sometimes I put on my thick southern accent while doing so, then by all means I do that. If it means getting a little bit of an attitude- I do that too. The dynamics involved can be really interesting, and I feel like I've learned so much about human culture, really.

Money-wise, things can get somewhat inconsistent since it's a full-commission based job, but I actually do get a raise in about a week so that should help things in that area for sure. I'm going to try picking up some freelance writing jobs again because I kind of miss that....

You know what else I miss? Theatre. I was driving in the car today listening to my favorite musicals- and I realized that my soul just really craves it and needs it. I feel like this past year has been some sort of strange career experiment where I focused on film and kind of overlooked theatre- but this year I feel like I'm going to try to really get my feet wet in the Atlanta theatre scene. Whether that means doing an internship/ working at a theatre first, then I may even do that. I know that I just NEED to be doing theatre and I really haven't been truly happy since I stopped. I just feel like there will always be that void there! Now, I of course want to still do film, too- but I just think for a while I need to shift my focus a little bit!

In other news, I'm actually NOT single anymore.


You read that right.

I, Janine DeMichele actually have a boyfriend.

Random, right? It really is. We met really randomly downtown, and just developed this sort of instant connection. Several phone conversations and skype dates ensued (he lives in Fayetteville) and then we had one of the most amazing first dates I've ever had. It was really crazy. It's been this sort of whirlwind thing that has been so amazingly refreshing, mainly because he seriously is one of the sweetest guys I've ever known. And if you know me, I've dealt with alot of these wishy-washy situations where I am in constant doubt and unsure of myself or where it's all going- but I never, ever have to question anything with him and that's one of the most wonderful feelings. I'm not going to get all sappy on you, but just know that I'm happy and am finally being treated how I feel like I deserve.

So that's life right now, I've got some pretty cool things in the works actually so stay tuned! ;)