Thursday, May 10, 2012

Skin Battles.

Ever since the horrible onslaught of puberty, my skin has been a veritable warrior zone for all sorts of skin problems. Acne, scarring, you name it. Pair that with an OCD-like tendency to pick at my face when I'm nervous, bored, etc. you've got a recipe for disaster! I've tried pretty much every skincare program under the sun. ProActiv, Murad, AcneFree, the Philosophy system, etc. At one point I was doing completely natural products such as Herbalism by Lush and tomato and lemon juice masks. They all worked to a point....then the acne came back.


Out of reading many reviews I decided to look into buying a Clarisonic Mia.

The Clarisonic Mia is a sonic powered cleansing brush that is supposed to get your face the cleanest it will ever be- I mean this thing makes your face SQUEAKY clean. As alot of acne and blemishes are caused by clogged pores, this exfoliates and cleanses your face in a pristine fashion, reducing acne, clearing skin texture, etc.

Or so they say.

So after a significant monetary gain, I decided- why not?! I've tried everything else! The hundreds of glowing reviews on various make-up and shopping sites can't be wrong.

So I bought my Clarisonic at Ulta which comes with a mini cleanser and a charger. The Clarisonic is waterproof too which is great because you can use it in the shower!

After the first use, I could feel a significant difference in my skin ALREADY. I mean, to be completely honest with you- before this I was washing my face using my hands. Yes, exactly like in those cheesy cleanser commercials. I literally am that person that does that. Lather up soap in my hands, rub it on and splash it in a dramatic fashion over my face....well not THAT dramatically... ;) But that's pretty much how I did it. Obviously, that method is probably not the most effective for removing all the makeup and residue off my face, so no wonder why I suffered from frequent breakouts!

In case you are wondering, the cleanser that I use is just a generic Clearasil cream cleanser. It works really well with the Clarisonic and weirdly I don't really like the cleanser that comes with it as it seems pretty drying. Which, having such an oily face as mine is really saying something I think!

For the first few days my skin felt like it was really getting refined and clean and it seemed to be clearing up! But then in a few days I started breaking out pretty bad. After researching I see that this is what is called a "purging" period- when all the gunk trapped in your pores starts coming out and getting inflamed. I had alot of gunk in there (Gross, I know.) So naturally my skin was in freakout mode. However, it's been a couple weeks now, and I do have to say that my skin has leveled out.

One thing that I changed about my skincare routine though was I bought some Persa Gel- which is a 10% Benzoyl Peroxide treatment, to treat my acne. In addition I am using a witch hazel toner to really get everything deep clean. The Clarisonic is great because you can feel your pores really opening and it allows the medication/toner to really get down in there and do its job better. You can also feel your skin "sucking up" moisturizer. It's pretty crazy actually.

After this new regiment, I am definitely seeing a large difference so far! I have alot of bumps of deep set acne in my face, small little colorless bumps that are just annoying, predominately in my cheeks and on my forehead. Although now I have to say alot of them are going away or are greatly reducing in size and visibility which is awesome!

Here are some make-up free pictures for reference:
Pretty clear there! Excuse my eye- I didn't get all my eye makeup off so it looks like I have a mini black eye going on which I don't haha. 

My cheeks are a trouble zone usually- as you can see I have alot of mini scarring. I think they call this "ice-pick" scarring? I'm not sure. I'm going to look into some scar remedies. (If you know of any great ones, let me know, too!)

Forehead. I think you can see those mini bumps there- they used to be pretty pronounced but now not so bad!

In general I'm actually pretty pleased with my skin at the moment. I've still got a few blemishes that are kind of working its way out of my system, but overall I'm pleased with the results of my new regimen using the Clarisonic and Persa Gel.

I will update later on and let you know how it goes! I hear the Clarisonic over time really dramatically improves the look and texture of your skin so I will let you know how it goes.

By the way- celebrities recently have been tweeting pictures of their make-up free faces. The latest by 90210 star Annalynne McCord is quite eye-opening as it shows that she doesn't have the most perfect skin. It's actually pretty refreshing because sometimes in this industry it's easy to get caught up with being perfect all the time.

 And you know what? We are HUMAN. We are not MANNEQUINS. We're NOT perfect. And that's totally okay! And you have to stop taking everything so seriously.

I'm extremely self conscious about my skin but you know what? It's really not all that bad! And it's something alot of people deal with. Nobody should expect photo-shopped perfection 24/7. Its just not real.

If you have any great skincare tips let me know! Also be sure to follow me on Twitter if you aren't already!



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Lashana Atkins said...

just wanna say you are so gorgeous i don't think the mild scarring would even be noticable! I went through a ocd picking phase and have similar scarring to you but mine are kind of all just localised in one section on one of my cheeks. Do i wish i never had a picking problem YES. But am i gonna continue to wallow in my pity? No, yours and mine are so shallow i feel like they would heal themsleves through using a retinoid and time. I'm also gonna try juice fast :) You look young too, so I would worry less. The skin takes like 2 years i believe to remodel scars? So theres hope too. I think we just need to honestly worry less and in a few years time down the line it won't even be that much of an issue for us.

Nice to see someone out there flaunting it <3